About the School of Montessori Inc.

      The School of Montessori Inc.is located right in the heart of Mid- County in Nederland, TX and was founded in 1973.  It is recognized and accredited by the Association Montessori International (AMI).  AMI standards are of the highest excellence and rigidly controlled.  The School of Montessori Inc. is a 501(c3) non-profit tax exepmt organization.  This allows all contributions and donations to be taken as tax deductible items.

A parent elected Board of Directors formulates and institutes all policies and practices according to accepted Montessori guidelines.  The school board works with the Directress (teacher) and makes known the needs and requirements for the growth and good of the school.  

Parent education about the Montessori Method and early childhood development are an integral part of the total program.  This is accomplished through parent meetings and workshops, suggested readings, classroom observations, confrences with the Directress, and through school publications in print and online.   



Extended Care and Stay and Play 

      The School of Montessori Inc. offers additional Extended Care for a monthly fee for children needing additional care outside of the regular school day which is 8:15-12:00 pm for half-day students and 8:15-3:00 pm for full day students (with drop off as early as 7:45).   Extended Care is offered from the hours of 7am to 6 pm.
Stay and Play is a per hour charge and is not meant to be used on a regular basis (Less than twice a week).Stay and play is available from 7-7:45 am and from the end of the school day (half or full day) until 6pm.

Our Program Goals

-To meet each child's needs while encouraging independence in self care

-To provide a nurturing atmosphere in which children have respect for others

-To provide a calm, warm, loving, nurturing atmosphere for the child to feel secure in

- To continue the respect and care for equiptment that is so much a part of the Montessori method

-To provide a wide variety of activities within the Montessori curriculum including practical life, social studies, language, introduction to the community, art, music, movement, science (biology, physics), and dramatic play. Also, to encourage creative work and play.

-To encourage curiosity within each child, giving them room to discover and explore things, in return giving them independence.

-To provide ample opportunity for the use of large motor skills for indoor and outdoor activity.

-To establish an observation system in which notes on children are kept on a daily basis.

-To be supportive of parents, encouraging involvement and open and honest communication while using tact and discretion.

-To develope staff potential through proper supervision by making expectations clear, following through to see the expectations are met, and utilizing staff input and thier abilities

-To encourage staff to be aware of the room and surroundings so that we can make a safe environment for our children.

                               Why Choose Montessori?

A teacher guiding.  A child observing, exploring, discovering on her own.  An uninterrupted flow a thought, creativity and activity.  A spark...followed by pure joy. This is a Montessori moment. It is a learning moment: when a student moves from confusion to elation.  Sometimes the moment can be so subtle that you might not even see unless you're watching very closely.  But, however tiny the moment may be, its impact is huge.   Children are ready for these moments every day. Every hour. Every minute. For over 100 years, the Montessori method has been quietly revolutionizing education. By some measures, there are more than 5,000 Montessori schools in the United States and more than 20,000 in 110 countries worldwide. The Montessori method has educated millions of students to be come creative, confident, compassionate, and gifted leaders throughout the globe. The current success and broad prescence of Montessori is based on a rich history. Dr. Maria Montessori believed wholeheartedly that every child could be an agent for change and peace in the world. By nurturing the intellectsand spirits of children, the Montessori method continues to positively affect our collective future.